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Pok Pok NY, Cobble Hill.

Enjoyed a hot summer Saturday by eating some authentic Thai food at the new location. We sat outside, under a red cover but still were able to take in the sun and summer weather.

We shared:
Corn on the cob
Fish sauce wings
Shrimp chips
Sticky rice
Spare ribs
Carolina prawns with pork belly and noodles baked in a clay pot

To drink, I had the watermelon cachaça cocktail. Perfectly fresh!

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David Burke Kitchen, Tribeca. Restaurant Week.

Fantastic dinner! We shared everything.

Started out with the bacon-wrapped, peanut butter stuffed dates. Then had a salad and lobster dumplings. I had the pork shoulder dish with a mini corn bread/tarte. For dessert, Chris got the cheesecake lollipop tree and I had the chocolate cake.

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Taqueria, LES.

Quite possibly my favorite Mexican place in NY, followed closely by El Diablito Taqueria which we order in often. Taqueria is no fuss, inexpensive, delicious AND they give you free Mexican candy on your way out. What’s not to like?

The margaritas are also delicious.

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Black Seed, Nolita.

Finally got to go there after all the hype. Didn’t think it was that great. Had the multigrain (because they were out of pumpernickel, mind you at 9a on a Sunday!!) with apple, honey and ricotta. The ricotta was eh - watered down. The bagel itself was not good either. My personal opinion: not worth the wait in line. In a city with so many phenomenal Jewish bagel shops, don’t bother.

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